Meet the 2019 GSLMU Executive Board

GSLMU: Want to know more about the graduate students leading GSLMU this year? Meet the 2019 GSLMU executive board and learn about why they got involved with GSLMU.

Vice President Ryanne Martucci is in the second year of the Masters in School Counseling and Community Mental Health program. Her long-term goal is to open her own practice and potentially obtain a doctorate. She completed her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she majored in Child Development and minored in Psychology and Spanish. She previously served as the President of the Counseling Graduate Student Association, and she is interested in being involved with all grad students on a larger scale.

President Chelsea Kwan is in the final year of the Masters in Counseling program. She previously served as the Social Director for GSLMU and as a Senator for the School of Education. Chelsea is also very involved as the Secretary for the Counseling Graduate Student Association. She currently works as a Writing Tutor in the Academic Resource Center. Chelsea received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her husband (Chris) and her wiener dogs (Stella, Dolly, and Penny) and color-coding her planner.

Chief Communications Officer Shanice McLeish is a master’s candidate in her second year at the LMU Bioethics Institute where she serves as the Craves Impact Fellow. She is also a member of the Intercultural Affairs Committee on campus.  Originally from Jamaica, Shanice migrated to Canada with her family and studied Biology and Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. Devoted to all topics related to social justice, Shanice hopes to effect change throughout her career as a bioethicist by pursuing a career in global health and/or health policy.

Chief Financial Officer Alison Yule is a Business Development and Innovation Consultant. She currently works with companies across a variety of industries, including tech and education. Her small-town upbringing inspires a passion for supporting local businesses, and start-up companies focused on building community and giving back. Alison is pursuing her MBA to gain a better understanding of business administration as a whole and to form lifelong connections with classmates and professionals.

GSLMU promotes interdisciplinary networking and fellowship for graduate students and to enrich graduate student life on campus. Any graduate student from any school—Education, Law, Liberal Arts, Film, Science, and Business—is welcome to join!