Public Safety Beat: New Dismount Zones and Other Safety Reminders

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY | With the beginning of the new semester, Public Safety encourages all Lions to review the following safety tips, to ensure the start of the new semester is an easy one.

  • New Dismount Zones: Alumni Mall is now a designated dismount zone, in addition to Palm Walk, due to construction. Please be sure to always walk your bike or skateboard when crossing Palm Walk or Alumni Mall.
  • When to Call DPS vs. 9-1-1: 9-1-1 should always be your first point of contact for emergencies, such as a crime in progress, fire, life-threatening situation, or serious medical emergency. DPS may be your first contact for traffic accidents, loud music, theft, suspicious person or activity, or disruptive behavior. DPS can be reached at 310.338.2893.
  • Bike Registration: All Lions are strongly encouraged to register their bikes at the main DPS office in Foley Annex. Registration helps deter bike theft, and it may help expedite the return of a lost or stolen bike.
  • Download Rave Guardian, LMU’s Safety App: Have you downloaded Rave yet? Rave lets you text discreetly with DPS to report dangerous situations, utilize the “Watch Me Walk” feature for added safety getting home at night, and access hundreds of resources at your fingertips. You can learn more and download Rave here.
  • Campus Safety Tips: A new semester is the perfect time to refresh yourself on common safety tips for both on and off campus. Watch the video and learn more here.
  • Lock Your Doors: Individuals “piggy-backing” into the residence halls without swiping their OneCard (where they wait until a resident lets them in) is the easiest way for property to go missing. Remember to lock your door, avoid propping the door open, and don’t let strangers into your building.