Active Shooter Preparedness: Do You Know What To Do?

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY | February is Active Shooter Preparedness Month, and though the chances of being involved in an incident are statistically very low, it is important that all Lions are equipped with the necessary knowledge to face dangerous circumstances.

As part of its ongoing emergency preparedness program, LMU Public Safety is hosting various educational opportunities throughout February. This year’s theme is “Bringing the Education to You,” with all learning accessible digitally or in your classroom/workspace.

What You Can Do to Know You Will Survive:

  • Know Your Exits: With any location, on or off campus (classrooms, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.), it’s important to take a few seconds upon arrival, and orient yourself to your nearest exit routes. If an emergency transpires, you’ll already have your exit plan, and not waste valuable time.
  • Participate in the Campus-Wide Active Shooter Drill: On Thursday, Feb. 20, at 10 a.m. and 7:40 p.m. all members of the LMU community are encouraged to stop and shelter in place, as you would during an active threat. The primary drill at 10 a.m. will be announced via LMU Alert and campus phones. You can save the event to your calendar here.
  • Have a Post-Drill Discussion: After the campus-wide drill concludes, debrief with your classmates and colleagues. Where would you exit? If you were to shelter, what would you use to barricade doors and windows? Thoughtful discussion questions to help generate critical thinking can be found here.
  • Schedule a Training: LMU Public Safety is pleased to host personalized trainings at classrooms, workspaces, or residence halls. Officers will educate, facilitate discussion, and conduct a walk-through of your best exit routes and barricades. You may schedule a training here.
  • Spread the Knowledge: All building captains have educational posters and magnets for distribution; contact yours and help spread the knowledge in your classroom, workspace, or residence hall. (Don’t know who your building captain is? Email
  • Memorize the Phrase “Run, Hide, Fight”: This is the key to surviving an active threat situation. LMU Public Safety strongly encourages all Lions to watch the following video and learn the details of Run, Hide, Fight.

Remember, in the event of an emergency, call or text 9-1-1 as soon as it is safe to do so, then call LMU Public Safety. Programming Public Safety’s phone number (310.338.2893) in your phone helps speed response time.