Pamela Underwood ’20 Supports Students Through Global Outreach

GSLMU STUDENT SPOTLIGHT | Pamela Underwood ’20 is a graduate student working toward the completion of her Master of Arts in guidance and counseling while working full-time at LMU Study Abroad as a program advisor and student outreach specialist.

As a program advisor, Underwood provides information to undergraduate students interested in semester and summer programs located in Spain, Italy, and Latin America. She is interested in helping the students to identify what type of experience they want to have abroad, and the ways they can immerse themselves in a new culture. Underwood also works closely with the First To Go office to support their short summer study abroad program specifically tailored for first-generation students. In addition to advising students, her role includes working with other departments at LMU and carry out initiatives to grow and diversify student participation.

Underwood wants to use the knowledge from the Master of Arts in guidance and counseling to develop new ways to communicate and provide information to students, and to find creative ways to support the students throughout the application process, while they are abroad, and when the students come back to LMU.