Managing Coronavirus-Induced Anxiety

LION WELLNESS | After spending weeks indoors worrying about a global pandemic, a tanking economy and toilet paper stockpiles, it’s no surprise everyone is experiencing more anxiety these days. Remember: It is natural and okay to feel worried and stressed right now. We are all in this together – and we will all get through it together.

Below are some creative ways to manage anxiety during this time:

  • Journal: If you’re new to journaling, try writing down three things you are grateful for every morning to remind yourself of all of the good things happening in your life and the world. Or, sign up for the Isolation Journal Project to have a new powerful journaling prompt sent to your inbox each morning.
  • Create Something: Try out a new recipe with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski through his Instagram cooking lessons, test your hand—and patience—with an adult coloring book (find free pages to print out here), or tie dye an old T-shirt. Channel that nervous energy into creative pursuits to transport you from current stressors.
  • Dance it Out:Blast your favorite songs and let it all go for a while. Sign up for Dance Church for weekly live-streamed virtual dance parties that anyone can join.
  • Pay it Forward: If anyone has done something nice for you during this strange time, you know how much it means. Pay it forward by offering to grocery shop for an elderly neighbor, checking-in on a family member, or dropping off baked goods on a friend’s porch. Doing good for others can make you feel happier while making someone else’s day.
  • Stargaze: At this point, you are probably no stranger to taking long walks in order to get outside for a while. Switch it up by going outside at night to stargaze. Check out Thrillist’s Backyard Observatory for updates on stargazing events that will be sure to help you focus on your surroundings instead of your anxious mind.
  • Connect with Others: Be sure to stay in touch with those who are important to you during this time. Check out our recent blog post for ideas on staying connected.