Toast to the Global Senior Sunset on Friday

CLASS OF 2020 | To close out, LMU’s weeklong celebration of the Class of 2020, we’re inviting all seniors to join us in a Global Senior Sunset on Friday, May 15. Share a toast and the sunset wherever you are in the world by tagging @LMUStudentEXP in your Instagram story.

Here’s what your video should include:

  • 1 vertical, selfie-style smartphone video
  • Video should be 15 – 20 seconds long
  • Your toast to the Class of 2020 during the sunset wherever you are
  • Be fun, be informal, and be yourself
  • Tag @LMUStudentEXP and use both the hashtag #LMUSeniorSunset and #LMU20
  • Tag some of your friends that you want to join in

We’ll be sharing videos throughout the day of sunsets and #LMU20 toasts from around the world!